What is Nudism and what happens at a nudist resort

There are actually lot of things and activities which take place on a nudist resort all around the world. These resorts cater to all the needs of the nudists. There are lot of misunderstandings about nudists and misconceptions about nudist resorts. Many people actually think that these resorts are places of prostitution, eroticism an all the nudists are perverts which is completely a false and baseless statement. There are also hidden nudist beaches which are places where nudists go and relax and rest.  Also know that there is nothing fishy or mysterious about these places.

What happens in a nudist resort?

The first and the most important thing you should know about a nudist resort is that these are only for rest and recreation and nothing else. Many facilities like river type pool, restaurant, and beachfront, disco, bar, and gym and fitness center can be enjoyed here just like other resorts. Apart from all these, you can also enjoy swimming, sunbathing, dining, drinking and socializing and all these according to the guidelines laid by the resort.

Your day in a nudist resort is quite busy and there is no moment that bores you as these are unique compared to ordinary resorts. Nudism does not either believe, practice or advocate nudism in public. It is rather practiced in private. So, a nudist resort is one such place where nudism is believed and practiced.  To check into a hidden beach resort, you must at least be 18 years of age as these places are meant only for adult nudists.

nudist beach

There are a set of rules laid by the nudist resort and if any of these rules are breached by  any member, it would lead the member to permanently be removed by the staff of the facility.

Intimate sexual behavior, sexual advances, drugs, smoking and pets are a strict ‘NO’ as a gesture towards respecting the privacy of other guests. No cameras, web cams or videos are allowed in any of these resorts all over the world.

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