Puglia – 10 Beaches of Gargano

The Gargano has the absolute most excellent shorelines of Puglia. With its 140 km of coastline, the projection is described by the vicinity of sandy shorelines, old backwoods (for the most part pine woods), inlets, limestone precipices, hills, calcareous holes, and the faraglioni, white rocks rising up out of the ocean. Popular and various are likewise the trabucchi old wood-made structures worked by anglers from where they cast their nets. With its shimmering ocean and cobalt blue water Gargano is the perfect destination for jumpers and water sports mates. It’s very prescribed going to the projection by pontoon, to appreciate the whole coastline from Isola Varano to Mattinata, ceasing in most surprising spots of the territory.

Considering that there are such a variety of wonderful shorelines in the Gargano, here we have attempted to choose the ones there are truly justified regardless of a visit, covering all the diverse territories of the projection.


1) Mattinatella Beach – Mattinata

The Mattinatella shoreline, or Fontana delle Rose, comprises of only two shorelines isolated by a rough goad. The shoreline on the North can be achieved just via ocean, so it is for all intents and purposes untouched. Mattinatella is a genuine heaven for the individuals who need to unwind or are partial to scuba plunging. The scene makes a staggering balance of hues with the blue ocean, the white precipices and the green of the Mediterranean vegetation.

Mattinatella Beaches

2) Zagare Bay or Mergoli Bay – Mattinata

The Zagare Bay, additionally called Mergoli Bay, is around 1 Km long and has delicate white sand, settled inside of a charmed bay. This shoreline can be come to via ocean or via land through two inns, the Baia delle Zagare Hotel and the Baia dei Faraglioni Hotel. Considering the shoreline can just oblige a greatest of 30 visitants for each day to ensure the site, in the event that you wish to visit Zagare Bay, without being a visitor of the lodging, it is suggested arranging your visit ahead and getting an individual go from the Mattinata City Council.


3) Ponente and Levante Beach – Rodi Garganico

The Ponente and Levante shoreline are situated in Rodi Garganico and are set in the inverse methods for the town.

The Ponente shoreline goes towards West shoreline, extending down to Lido del Sole, and is intruded on just by the mouth of the Romandato river. The shoreline is a progression of sandy hills and, since it confronts northern winds, is perfect for surfers. Of simple get to, the shoreline is very much furnished with convenience offices and showering foundations, in this manner it’s additionally perfect for youngsters.

The Levante shoreline has brilliant fine sand. It is outfitted with a few convenience offices and also with the new very much prepared marina. Simple to achieve, this shoreline is perfect for families with kids. The encompassing scene is extremely specific, as it is completely secured with orange and lemon trees, whose aroma makes an enchantment environment.

Ponente and Levante Beach

4) Cento Scalini o Tufare Beach – Vico del Gargano

To achieve this shoreline, you need to go down a staircase of one hundred stages, subsequent to taking a way that begins from the State Road 89. The shoreline can be likewise come to by strolling up and down the S. Menaio shoreline, towards South heading. This shoreline is really calm, not so much breezy and has a few offices, hence it’s ideal for families and for the individuals who seek some unwind. From an adjacent way you can likewise get to the sublime Marzini pine-wood that, at dusk, offers an astounding perspective of the Tremiti Islands.


5) Murgia della Madonna o Sospetto Beach – Vico del Gargano

This shoreline is arranged at the base of the projection where the Marzini pinewood is set and is the primary pebbly shoreline for guests originating from North. Its name takes after the “Sospetto” cavern that disregards this delightful shoreline, perfect for the individuals who appreciate quiet and unwind. It is not prepared and can be achieved just by foot, strolling a way of couple of hundred meters.


6) Manaccora Beach – Peschici

Manaccora is a standout amongst the most lovely Peschici’s coves and it is additionally an imperative archeological site, which affirms critical time of the Gargano’s history. Put between two frequenting rough tops, Manaccora is a fine sand shoreline. It can be come to from an asphalted street that leads likewise down to the understood Grottone di Manaccore (Big Cave of Manaccore), a critical hypogeum going back to the XVII century BC. Part of the shoreline is open however the rest is authorized to convenience offices. In this shoreline you can likewise have the chance to appreciate the customary Trabucco, set on the bluff.


7) Zaiana Beach – Peschici

The shoreline of Zaiana, likewise called “the shoreline of youngsters”, in the 70′s e 80′s was truly famous amongst nudists. Suggestive rough crests encompass this shoreline, which today speaks to a get-together place for the individuals who search for unwind, jumping and appreciating immaculate nature. It has fine sand and is anything but difficult to get to. The shoreline is shielded from southern winds and gets in the shade toward the evening.

Tufare Beach

8) Vignanotica – Vieste

Vignanotica is a stone shoreline, understood for its white and high precipice, dove into rich nature, between the Santa Tecla Park and the Monte Barone Park. The shoreline can be come to from the civil street “Vieste/Mattinata”, taking a walk able way of around 3 Km. Because of the encompassing bluff, the shoreline gets in the shade early evening.


9) Porto Greco Beach – Vieste

The shoreline of Porto Greco is a stone shoreline that rapidly procures profundity. Dove in the rich Mediterranean vegetation and encompassed by the glorious Tower of Garlic, it can be come to through an unpaved street of around 400m strolling. From the shoreline you can appreciate an astounding perspective of the Arch (Architiello) of Porto Greco furthermore visit the wonderful “Marble Cave” and the “Viola Cave” close-by. In the past the straight was utilized by mariners who protected here from harsh wind. Undoubtedly the shoreline is achieved just by the Levant and Grecale winds.


10) Cala Della Sanguinara Beach – Vieste

The shoreline of Cala della Sanguinara is a genuine pearl of the Gargano. Rich in lime stones, it is set into a white Karst bluff and encompassed by pinewood. It is ideal for the individuals who appreciate snorkeling or just essentially unwind. To get to the shoreline you have to take a way dove into a rich wood of Aleppo pine tree, the biggest one in Italy. On the other hand then again, you can achieve it via ocean. For this situation, we prescribe to visit likewise the close ocean caverns, specifically the heavenly “Tomatoes Cave”.

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