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Positive Singles is #1 and the best online dating site for individuals experiencing sexually transmitted diseases or sexually transmitted ailments. It was begun in 2002 and has more than 1M+ individuals starting at now, with generally measure up to number of guys and females. They are all individuals to meet like them, for example, Herpes, HIV, HSV and different sexually transmitted diseases are frequently judged by others and victimized by their associates. Discovering adoration and brotherhood can be exceptionally troublesome for them. Fortunately, Positive Singles offers them the ideal stage with a domain that is free of any feedback or partiality, giving a large number of different profiles, to discover love, support and sensitivity from other people who are comparably contaminated. Thousands of success stories and people met their soul mate on this site.

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Success Stories:


>> ScottTX, United States, Feb 14, 2017

We met on her lunch break for the first time at a local spot close to her job and on the other side of the world for me but worth every mile! I knew on our first meeting she was the one, April 19, 2016 we started dating and I asked her to marry me May 8th, 2016. Were getting married April 19, 2018. We can’t thank y’all enough for having this site for people that are in situations that think our love lives are over and giving us a chance to find true love.

>>nvrknowit, Atlanta, GA, United States, Feb 23, 2017
She is 2,000 miles away. When I saw her profile I asked, why have I never met anyone like this?

I wrote, we talked, skyped, laughed and began to fall in love. Just like that, it happened. 2 weeks later, in sub zero weather and falling snow I found myself standing in front of a tiny wine bar looking at her, look at me. She ran out and landed in my arms. It is my hope that she forever will remain there.

>>Solo5O9, Spokane, WA, United States, Feb 04, 2017
Swiped right. He emailed. We texted back and forth, nothing big. Then we actually had a conversation and we realized over a period of a week that we were meant to be together! We have yet to meet, but will be moving in together by June of this year to a city where neither of us ha has ever lived. Exciting times! Thanks universe!

>>SportsGuy85, West Covina, CA, United States, Feb 03, 2017
time will tell…. thank you postivesingles. this site has been pretty amazing and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and my partner. We started talking on here then via text message, we literally write essays to each other every time we talk and we also FaceTime. There is no doubt that I know him better than I have ever known any guy out here in LA in the same amount of time. He is really considering moving out here to California for school and I sure hope he does because I know we will have a long lasting relationship :)

>>Buccaneers_83, Memphis, TN, United States, Feb 02, 2017
We met. We liked each other. We’re in a relationship. Im annoyed that i have to put 30 words. I know this just killed this post ever being a success story, but yeah this should be at least 30 words. Good day.
>>wifeymaterial16, Orlando, FL, United States, Jan 29, 2017
Engaged…. I found love, we’ve been talking off and on since 2013 and finally. Decided to get married. We met on the site and lived in different states, but kept in touch all thus time. He relocated to my state and we’re living together and plan on getting married next month.

>>PortlandPositive, Portland, OR, United States, Jan 28, 2017
Just want to say don’t give up, there is a love for everyone. Even a 61 year old gal with a dog. Really found a quality guy and I am feeling very fortunate. I’m going to do my best to cultivate this budding relationship into something that lasts for a very long time – one day at a time, one conversation at a time, one present moment at a time.

>>royreyn, New South Wales, Australia, Jan 26, 2017
This site is such an important platform. The virus is such a gray area for most and it’s really important for mental wellbeing to be able to talk and act freely once contracting the disease. It helps you get back to who you were and come to terms with the very minor condition. Thanks to the PS crew.

>>thegambler, Edmonton, AB, Canada, Jan 24, 2017
As LilyG says; It’s just luck and patience :} I will say, there is many many nice people on here. Not always are they for you, but then if you don’t answer the wink or email you might just miss that “one”. I have been lucky on PS. I did try to answer some and was able to connect with a great guy! I came on again in Oct after a 6 mos rest and we found each other. Although we live in the same town, we agree to take it slow. It’s been great and we are very happy with how it’s going. All the best to those who are looking. Stay patient, somethings in life don’t happen as fast as you’d like. R

>>SKay13, Middlesbrough, England – Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Jan 20, 2017
I don’t usually message anyone that doesn’t have a profile pic but I kept going past his profile and reading it so in the end I thought what he hell I have nothing to lose, so messaged him and got a response back and it all went from there and fell in love over text.

>>anonymous, Oregon, OH, United States, Jan 15, 2017
Met a.amazing guy can’t wait to see what we accomplish together..he is kind caring generous compliments me we talk every day so.I don’t need to me.on here anymore thank u positive singles!! And to everyone else don’t give up true love is.out there somewhere just pray on it and god will bless you when the time is right I almost gave up but so glad I met this amazing man of mine..hopefully we make it but I know we will.thank u again positive singles love this sight and appreciate u all and many blessings to.u all I really don’t have much else to.say I believe I’ve said enough

>>anonymous, Saint Clair Shores, MI, United States, Jan 15, 2017
Met my match through PS 6 months ago and it is going wonderfully. We are very much in love and looking forward to spending The rest of our lives together.

Advice to other members:

Don’t give up. It does take a while to find the right person for you. You have to weed through a lot of the wrong people to get to the right one. Just try not to get discouraged and have patience. The best advice I can give her your profile is to be very specific about things that are important to you in a mate. That way you will catch the attention of a person who has those qualities and is looking for someone like you. Best wishes and good luck.

>>Dancingmermaid12, Cardiff by the Sea, CA, United States, Jan 11, 2017
We met when I moved to a new area. I had messaged him but he did not notice my message to him for over a month. When he did notice the message, he was very taken by the message, by my photos and by my profile and is now ready to find a woman who is his match on every level. We are enjoying getting to know each other very much. Each time I see him, I feel more and more comfortable in his presence. I feel cherished, admired, safe and delighted by him. We are taking our time in our dating. Neither of us is in a rush to move too quickly. It’s relaxing and sweet to date him. And we are having fun and doing a lot of laughing. He’s a solid guy.

>>nothingtoloose, United States, Dec 30, 2016
He contacted me in early January 2016, we had spoken previously maybe 2 years earlier but lived in different states, when we reconnected he had moved to a state my family lives in and I wad plans to visit about 10 days from our initial contact, He picked me up and we went for tapas and a drink somewhere nice near the sea. We hit it off and had a tealky good feeling about each other, we’ve been seeing each other for a year come January 2017, we’ve gone from strength to strength and falling in love. So grateful PS provides a dating platform for those of us with H, it takes away the shame and worry of having it or potentially passing it on to a partner, it’s wonder to find love and enjoy a normal sexual intimacy without concern.

>>LovingLori and HeartOfADragon, Hutchinson, MN, United States, Dec 23, 2016
Even though my person of interest at the time had a completely different “gift” than I did, I believe in giving everyone an equal chance. I was so very glad I did. It turned out we were extremely compatible on every level you can imagine. We have been dating for the past 2 and a half years, and are getting married in 6 months. I have truly found my soulmate and couldn’t be any happier because of it. We currently live 4000 miles apart, so distance should not deter you either. You never know where your true love will be!!

Advice to other members:

Don’t rule someone out because they do not share your “gift”, and do not let distance deter you, because you never know who you are pushing away!!!!

>>Motivator, Buford, GA, United States, Nov 17, 2016
Thank you for the web site PS! it was great and met my dream girl on here. we talked for two weeks and then met. The first time we met, we hugged for 10 minutes with the front door open. We knew that we were the ones for each other at that point. Since that moment, we have been talking every day and seeing other as often as possible. I am a blessed and happy man! thank you!!

>>smallfoot, Pyungtaek,Seoul, Korea, South, Nov 09, 2016
I have deactived my PS account for a while since I decided to give my best try on my soon to be husband. And I am back on PS to delate my account for good as we are engaged now. I would like to let PS members know that if you stay positive mentally like the name of this site, and are patient, you will find what you are looking for. I am thankful that things have turned out good or even better in my life. I met my dream man of my life!Thanks PS.

>>Meeshu73, United States, Nov 02, 2016
I’ve been talking to him for just under 2 months. He lives a 6 hour drive north of me. We finally met last Friday and spent 4 amazing days together. Not sure about marriage just yet, but we are in a committed relationship now with plans of moving closer to each other within a year.

I’m so happy I joined this site. It took away the most stressful topic, so I could just be myself. I had a very good experience with this site.

>>KNOT2LATE, Coquitlam, BC, Canada, Oct 24, 2016
Hello There. I’ve had the good fortune of finding someone on this site. Just like other people on this site and other non PS sites, dating has its ups and downs. I think one secret is to just to stick with it. The lady i met turned me down the first- lol. But a few months later i message her again and viola. What i’m getting at is, our profile is a very small part of who we here. It’s impossible to describe ourselves in a few paragraphs. Be and stay open minded with sending and replying to messages. One just never knows. Cheers.

>>anonymous, Madera, CA, United States, Oct 19, 2016
I made a friend on this site, a beautiful soul who inspired me to chase my dreams and make them reality. Someone who lived clear across the country and had nothing to gain from befriending me, except perhaps frustration that we could be so far yet so close in spirit. I called it a crazy coincidence when our lives called us to the same place, out of state, out of our own states. It was completely unexpected, but completely exceeded our expectations in the same breath. A month later, we are building a life together. We had options to follow our solo paths, but drawn to one another in what was undoubtedly no coincidence at all. We credit the website for revealing our existence to one another, while crediting all of our past heartaches that released us from others, the Lord’s will for us, even the common thread of HSV, to bringing us to this moment of truth in looking each other in the eyes to say confidently…there are no coincidences. Love is not a matter of if, but when. 6 years I’ve waited for this, for it to feel so right, mutual. There have been so many times I was tempted to say it’s never going to happen, each time a romantic lead didn’t work out. But I know now I could have waited another 6 years to meet my best friend and lover, and it would have been worth the wait all over again.

Advice to other members:

Don’t give up on yourself. Find yourself, happiness without the promise of love from another to create your happiness. Love yourself because you deserve to be loved by you first, the person who happens to have HSV or HIV, HPV, whatever it is that brought you here. You deserve to love yourself and be fulfilled. Let time be your advantage, not your adversary; take the time you need to fall apart, and come together and perhaps do it again. If your romances in the interim don’t pan out, it wasn’t meant to be, you needed more time for you. When it’s right, when you have enough to give and still have enough love left for yourself, that’s when you can graciously receive; then, that ‘s the right time, finally, it’s your time for love, and it won’t be a coincidence.

I have met someone special (Dating)
>>Mike3500, Kendal, England – Westmorland, United Kingdom, Oct 17, 2016
My darling is my perfect match…I have dated several online at PS…and was feeling hopless, but when I least expacted..she came like the dream of my heart..Thankyou PS Your service over the last 5 years has brought tears and happiness in equal measure. Without you what would we have done and what would we have become.

Jeff and Emily (Dating)
>>2JeffOrNot2Jeff, Cary, NC, United States, Oct 08, 2016
She winked at me and I emailed her. She was hesitant at first and wanted to know quite a bit before we went on out on date. We went to a coffee shop first but since the shop served alcohol, we said, the heck with it and ordered some wine and beer. We had a great time and set up a second date. Its been 3 months now. She is a wonderful lady and I look forward to getting to know her even more.

I found the literal other half of me (Dating)
>>tickles87, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, Oct 06, 2016
After breaking up with my long-term ex-boyfriend (who I knowingly contracted herpes from), I always knew in my heart that the person I was going to end up spending my life with would be positive too. And being ‘positive’ would actually be a blessing in disguise because it would force me to find someone who was interested in my character, just not for a short, physical fling.

I had been on and off P.S. for about a year as I struggled to gain the confidence to invest enough of myself to it. But eventually, I realised I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving this my all – photos showing my face, writing what I truly wanted to…

It wasn’t until I added the P.S. app and used the ‘Spark’ function that I found him. I knew from the moment I saw him that he was who I was looking for. I even felt my heart say ‘that’s him!’ haha. He was the one who I had gone through all this effort to find. I messaged him straight away and it was instant.

It turned out that he was from my hometown (I live in a different city now), knows a mutual friend, enjoys the same music and type of humour. After messaging for 2 months, he’s just left after flying up to visit for the weekend. We had the most amazing time together and are now dating! Already, no relationship before this one can compare. I can’t foresee the future – but right now, he is the perfect one for me and I can’t see how anyone else I meet in this life could ever be a better match for me!

Advice to other members:

Be brave and put up a photo of your beautiful, smiling face :) It shows confidence and it may help you too – by proving to yourself that you’re not going to let anything keep you down. Show an interest in their life and compliment them on their best picture ;) But also don’t base your self-worth on your relationship status. You are a wonderful human being, capable of doing astounding things – so be patient and believe you are worthy of love x

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