Nudism which is actually an exotic lifestyle is perceived with many misconceptions by many people. Let us know some truths concerning it from below.

Acts involving extreme physical contact

The biggest and the foremost untrue statement about Nudist resorts is that they are places of having sex. A person who is a member of this group is actually expelled from the group by the owner or the organizer if he/she succumbs to any activity involving sex, voyeurism or exhibitionism.

Hot and sexy

Another false notion is that nudism provokes sexual thoughts. It is very surprising that a nudist actually does not get any of these thoughts. Nudist facilities suggest the member to take a dip in a pool if any of these thoughts pop up.


Perfect Bodies

It is not a compulsion that Nudists have perfect shaped bodies. There are a mixture of all kinds of body types and of different ages. Know that nudism is not a platform to show beauty of the body and not a place of commenting on the shapes of others body.

Above 18 Only

As if is know from above that there are people of different ages, kids who have never learn shame or sex are also part of this culture. It is suggested that children accompany their guardian or parents just in case someone tries to take advantage.

‘NO’ to Clothes

There is partially true because a Nudist puts on clothes if he or she feels extreme temperatures. If in a pool, nudist children are encouraged a diaper ot a swim suit because they are not toilet trained.

Weird and Perverts

It is completely false that majority of nudists are sexually weird and perverts. Instead they are very open minded and very friendly when it comes to speaking about views and opinions with a new comer. They are also very good listeners. Sexual immorality and porn  a strict ‘No’ to them.

No Privacy Sense

It is also very untrue that nudist

s have no privacy sense but even they have a private life which is not needed to be known to everybody. It would be surprising to know that they are very shy when it comes to snaps. Instead, cameras are a strict ‘No’ at places where nudism is practiced and the club keeps its members information very confidential.

Act Against Law

It is not true that the culture of nudism is illegal and these people are law offenders. Truth is that it is illegal to go nude in public areas but as everyone at the nudist club agrees to be nude and be confined to that particular place, this is not illegal at all. Instead, there are judges, police officers and lawyers who are members of nudist clubs.


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