Nudist Life style – What is it

How about we see first what Nudist way of life is most certainly not? A nudist lifestyle is not either about sexuality or about eroticism, or about pedophilia or prostitution.

A nudist lifestyle is followed by matured individuals and adults who think that there is nothing bad, wrong, immoral or sinful about being naked.

Nudity for its sake is certainly not the lifestyle of a Nudist but more on celebration and appreciation of their body and form in its inspirational and purest sense.

As believing, advocating, practicing and defending nudism is done on a private property, it makes it not only a cultural movement but also a political one.

The values and standards which nudism believes are.

  1. Respect for oneself

  2. Respect for others

  3. Love of nature

  4. Environmental issues

  5. Clean living and lifestyle

  6. Physical fitness and exercise

  7. Vegetarianism

  8. Practice of yoga

  9. Non-smoking

  10. Moderate drinking of alcohol

  11. Ideals of pacifism

A Nudist Beach is another such thing you should know about. It is certainly not like the ordinary one. It’s open only for adults who have crossed 18 years of age. To benefit people visiting these resorts and to protect their privacy, many stringent rules are in place such as no sexual advances against other guests, no intimate sexual behavior in public and no improper behavior towards staff and other guests.

Smoking is a strict ‘No’ anywhere in the facility. A very strict prohibition on drugs and pets is also laid. If you do not adhere to any of the above, you would be removed from the facility and sometimes also cancellation of your membership.

There are a lot of things to be done there at a Nudist resort, it’s only that these resorts are more exclusively private and intimate. There is fine dining which caters to different cuisine and ultimate dining pleasure and also snacks and meals.

Drinks and beverages are available when there is a party during nights. Beachfront, roof top sunning deck, river-type pool, restaurant and bar and also a gym center are among other attractions.

Summarizing this, we can say that there is nothing unusual about nudist resort. The only different feature is that they are highly personalized and that the privacy of the members is given utmost importance.

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